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2000 Hoosier Car Show and Swap Meet

 On September 14-16, 2000, my wife and I attended the 34th annual Hoosier Car Show and Swap Meet that was hosted by Circle City Corvairs of Indianapolis, Indiana.

 This was the first show I had ever been to that had a large showing of Corvairs! In fact I had never been to a show where there were more than four Corvairs entered. I may be mistaken but, I think there were about forty Corvairs entered at this show.

 My Wife and I would like to start by thanking everyone in Circle City Corvairs, we had a great time and look forward to next year!

 Lets get to the pictures I took. My apologies to anyone who's car I did not get a picture of.  I tried to get them all and, some of the pictures did not develop. Just remember, I am not much of a photographer. These cars looked much better than any picture I could ever take!  :o)

 Click on the links below to view your favorite Corvairs at the car show!

Early Corvairs
Late Corvairs
FC Corvairs
Photos at the Hotel