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 Friends I cruise with
Here is a photo of some of my friends cars....
That is mine on the end.
( click on the images below for a larger or more pictures, hit your browsers back button to return. )
This is my friend Linda's 63' Corvair,
And here are our two Corvairs together.
Here is Linda's husband John's 46' Ford.
This is my Dad's 35' Ford Coup. Click pic. for more!
Dads 67' Econoline.
My Brother-in-laws 36' Ford pickup. Click the pic. for more!
Here is Vince's ride.
This is Jerry's 70' AMX
Doug's awesome 33' Plymouth Coup
Here are a few photos my wife took while we were coming home from a cruise-in at the Steak-n-Shake.

Click here for some photos of some cars from our past.

Click here for other types of cars I have run across at car shows. These are all "water pumpers", but they are sharp!

Early photos
Body work
End results
Your Corvairs