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Body Work

   This page is dedicated to the body work that was done to my car.

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This 62' Coupe had signed up for the organ donor program. It gave the most precious gift, itself. My Corvair received its passenger rear fender. ( Poor little bugger..... I salute you! )

Here is my car, ready to receive the donor fender.

And here is the fender installed.

As for the other side of the car, when sanding off the old paint there was a lot of Bondo that was discovered.

And because the donor car had already given it drivers side fender to another needy Corvair, a new fender had to be purchased.

The front of my Corvair was in good shape. It was just sanded and primered, then sanded and primered some more.

The same thing was done with the paint. It was sprayed and wet sanded several times. This gave the car a glass like finish.

Early photos
Friends I cruise with
End results
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