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My Cars History

In March of 1998 I was looking for a classic car to fix up. I was on a budget and was getting a little disappointed at the selection of cars in my area ( Southwest Ohio ) that fit my price range. Most of the cars that I looked at required more money to fix up than I cared to spend.

   Then one faithful day I saw an add in a car trader magazine for a 1962 Corvair convertible. The add said the car had a good top and ran "OK".

   My Father and I went to take a look at it. It was located at a small used car lot just south of Dayton. I was a little disappointed when I saw it. The top was OK but, the body was another story. This car was a very old restoration that was showing its age badly. Bondo was popping in most of the traditional places and someone had taken a body grinder to the passenger door and rear quarter then left the bare metal showing.

   The car did run but only for a few minutes then it died and would not restart. It did run long enough to see that it was not burning any oil. The trans and the clutch seemed to be OK as did the brakes and the steering. All of the trim was in good shape as was most of the interior.
   Well after some serious negotiation with the salesman at the car lot, I purchased the car and made arraignments to have it brought to my house by trailer.

    After getting the car home I discovered that the reason the car would not run was that it was out of gas. Further investigation found that the reason the car was out of gas was the hole that was in the gas tank. I repaired the tank, and after much tinkering and toiling I got the car running!

   After my first drive in my new old classic I was hooked. But that first drive was not without new revelations. There was a nasty vibration that seemed to by associated with the clutch. Now all of you hardcore "Vairheads" out there already know that this "vibration" is an indicator that there may be a riveted flywheel that is starting to fail. I was new to Corvairs and had not heard of this problem yet. I was all set to install a new clutch, pressure plate and, throw out bearing. But after talking to the good people at Clarks Corvair and Corvair Underground I was enlightened about the flywheel.

   After receiving all of my parts I dropped the engine and installed the new components. That was that, no more vibration!

   Dropping the engine and trans axle was quite the learning experience for me.

   I drove and enjoyed my Corvair for the entire summer, then in a moment of weakness........

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