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These are cars from my Dads past and my past.

Here are Dads cars.
Dads 31 Ford ( before )
  and after.
Dads 32' roadster ( that's Dad in the back with the banjo ).
This is Dads 34' Ford just before he sold it.
Here is what the new owner did with it!
Here is Dads Chevell. ( Yes he did own at least one other Chevrolet )
Here is the 65' Mustang that Dad restored.(before)
And after.
84' Harley before, and after.

My Cars,
My 53' Ford. This was my daily driver in the early 80's. I drove this car to Fla. from Ohio, without any problems.
Old Econoline van, I was going to fix this up, but I just never got to it. The old girl ran like a top though!

And this gem a 65' Fairlane 500

I have more of my cars to post here, but, I have to find the photos first.....