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Your Corvairs

Please send me your photos and a brief description and I will post them here.

Ron Thompson's 62' Monza. Ron just got this car done not long ago. Click here to see Ron's web page with before and after pictures.

Here is Douglas Englin's fully restored 62' Monza wagon. Doug tells me that it will be at the 2001 CORSA convention in Chicago!

Tim Abney's 65' Monza parked in front of the McDonalds Museum in San Bernardino, Ca.

Here is a photo of April Gillespie's 68' Monza Coup. Click the photo for a few words from April about her very sharp car!

I saw this sharp 66' Corsa at a car show in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Click on the pic for more!

Check out this 4 seat sand rail powered by a turbo charged Spyder engine. Awesome chrome job! Click the picture for

I ran into this nice daily driver at a small Cruise-In at the Covington JHS. I can vouch for the daily driver status of this car because I have seen it at my work almost every day! This was the first time I ever met its owner. Click the picture for more.

I saw this Vair at the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America car show in Chillicothe, Ohio. I never had the chance to meet its owner but, here it is. Click the picture for more.

This beautiful Corvair was also at the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America show. This sweet ride took first place in the Corvair division at that show. Click the picture for more.

What can I say! ( Drool ) this Corsa was at the P.A.C.K. ( Piqua Antique Car Klub ) car show. I have not been around a whole lot of Corvairs in my time, and believe it or not this is the first turbo charged Corsa that I had ever seen in person. And again, I could not find the owner! Click the picture for more.

This is a much better photo of my friend Linda's 64. She is the second owner of this car. The original owner had removed the hub caps and the rocker panel trim, " To keep them nice", she said.
Click the picture for more.

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